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Leandra Medine of Man Repeller for Zara

9 May

I love te Man Repeller blog and am especially enjoying these fun pics of Leandra Medine wearing Zara around NYC. 


Dying to get my hands on those flared trousers!




Skirt Styling

8 Apr

When I go to vintage stores or markets I’m always on the lookout for good skirts, I adore how vintage skirts always seem to be just the right length with teeny figure loving waists and yards of beautiful fabric. 

Maybe you’re not usually one for skirts or perhaps you’ve never tried your hand at rummaging for a vintage wonder but I can’t recommend it enough. I practically live in vintage skirts with basic, Italian style leather sandals all summer. The look doesn’t have to be totally vintage either, we’re not going for a cliché fifties vibe and certainly don’t want to look like an extra on the set of Grease. Oh no no no. The key with vintage is to work it into your own unique style palette, don’t lose yourself in a Dita Von Teese-Doris Day mine field. 

Here are three vintage skirts I’ve picked up over the last few months in preparation for when the tights come off and the legs are set free. 



A plain grey tee tied up at the waist gives a laid back feel to this candy stripe skirt, teamed with a couple of luxe accessories. Hello BBQ and cocktails. (Tshirt: Primark, Bag: Dorothy Perkins).


A long vintage skirt with deep patch pockets is perfect for hopping on your bike and cycling to the nearest park for a picnic with a baguette, cheese and wine in your basket. (Bag: gift, tshirt: Tea and Cake @ Topshop)


I love the soft fabric and tortoiseshell buttons on this skirt and think it looks great teamed with Breton striped jumper for a bit of a French vibe. (Jumper: Topshop).

Here’s the candy striped skirt again but this time dressed up for the evening with lots of gold jewellery and a deep teal complimentary coloured plunging top. (Top: Topshop).  

A little collared blouse elevates a vintage skirt for the office and I love the pastel colour combination of the pink and blue. Keep it up-to-date with a tan belt and statement necklace. (Necklace: Topshop, Blouse: Primark).


Lastly I’ve teamed the full pink skirt with a relaxed off the shoulder black tee for a little nod to the sexy details a lá Brigitte Bardot.




OOTD Mixing it Up

7 Apr

I just love mixing textures up and think this striped navy/white Topshop dress adds a lovely naughtical touch to my layered spring outfit. 

This H&M chunky cardigan with its big black buttons is one of the most worn items from my wardrobe. Layering knitwear with new spring pieces is essential in the UK where spring often feels like an extension of winter. The lightweight rain mac was a steal from Primark and I’m living in these Topshop gum soled lace-ups at the moment.


I’m still in love with the haircut my lovely hairdresser Chloe at Voodou Liverpool gave me and loving the fact that I’ve finally got my natural root back, bring on summer and lemon juice highlights!



Spring Knitwear 

10 Mar

It’s all about the contrasting, Missoni-esque  details with this gorgeous Zara knit. 




Roller Lash by Benefit

15 Feb

At the beginning of the week I felt great about my new fresh faced, mascara free day look. I loved the time spared in the morning and I was beginning to feel chic and all Parisian-like with my messy hair and bright eyes.

Mid-week my eyes started to not look so good and as my Wednesday dragged on I started to get a sharp pain in my face, I took myself off to the doctors to find I have acute sinusitis and was sent on my way with a course of antibiotics.

I needed a pick-me-up or rather a perk-me-up, with my eyes looking far too tired and weary to go sans mascara I decided to try out the latest Elle magazine freebie, Benefit’s new mascara ‘Roller Lash’.

Benefit says this is a super-curling & lifting mascara and in a consumer panel survey 94% of women said their eyes looked more wide open, that’s exactly what I needed!

This mascara definitely opened up my eyes and it’s great for giving a good lengthy curl but it’s missing volume and that’s one important thing I look for when buying a new mascara.

Adoring Essie

30 Jan

Hi there,

I’ve found myself wearing a whole host of dark nail varnishes recently, it’s been a rather moody winter but I’m ready to say auf wiedersehen to the January blues.

I was after a cool grey nail varnish to brighten things up in a relaxed way and I found this beautiful one from Essie.

It has the most fabulous name too… Maximilian Strasse Her, it’s named after the royal avenue in Munich that has the highest retail rents in Germany. We’re talking one expensive looking polish here!

Sex and the City (Liverpool to be precise!)

25 Nov

The amazing 58 year old(!!!) Kim Cattrall was back in her birth town (and mine) of Liverpool to receive her International Arts Icon award at the Collective Honours.

Just look at her gorgeous body and beautiful face, hopefully that’s due to something in the water here!
Miss Cattrall described the rumours of a third SATC film as ‘wishful thinking’, trust us Kim we are wishing hard.


23 Nov

It was a very cold day in Liverpool today and so I layered up to stop the chill.


Black jeans are my current fav and this pair were really cheap from Primark, they’re a great fit. These Vans shoes are pretty much the only leopard print you’ll find in my wardrobe as I tend to stay away from this over-done pattern on clothing.
I have had this Zara coat for ages now but it’s such a classic colour and shape that it always fits my outfits. The big H&M is great for shopping days, I’m in love with my grey Zara jumper and the denim shirt adds a little contrast and was from Primark.

Design a Tee – Mini Post

19 Nov

One of my uni assignments was to design a t-shirt, loved this project. Here’s the finished work.

So remember ladies (and gents) if he don’t have books, you get your ass outta there.

OOTD, Saturday Shopping

18 Nov

I went shopping this Saturday which is becoming a regular occurrence now that the autumn/winter season is fully underway. It’s my favourite fashionable time of year and I love living somewhere that has changing seasons and a fall in temperatures, perfect for knitwear!





I wore this chunky sailor striped jumper from Topshop, dark grey Joni jeans (also Topshop) and heeled ankle boots with metal and embroidery detailing from H&M.