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Getting My Vintage On

30 Nov

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a shearling coat for a while now, but that kind of purchase always takes a considerable amount of mulling-over for me. I don’t like making rash decisions when it comes to outerwear, there is a very fine line between fashionable and fashion victim. The latter is a very sorry state to be in, more about that in a future post but for now let me show you my vintage buy.

IMG_2246-1.JPGIt costs an amazingly inexpensive £30 and after a little arm alteration on my sewing machine this jacket will be perfect!


IMG_2244.JPG I also had a haircut and got rid of some length, it was getting a bit tired and I decided to go for the chop. My best friend sometimes shows me fun quotes about life and we laugh at how they relate to me but I’ve become a bit cynical after seeing so many and for every quote there seems to be a counter-quote. Having said all that, I do kind of like this one:-
‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’ Coco Chanel, I hope so Coco.

Zara Evening Wear. Want it all.

29 Nov




Look Good Feel Better’s Theatre of Beauty

28 Nov

Mid-week my best friend and I headed to Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool for the Look Good Feel Better charity night. This charity is a very special one indeed, helping women and teenage girls who are going through cancer to combat the visual side-effects of their life saving treatments because everyone has a right to feel beautiful.

Complimentary drinks were flowing and the atmosphere was buzzing with lots of lovely ladies getting free treatments, mini makeovers and a great little goody bag.


A skin consultation with one of the lovely therapists at the Environ counter.
Lusting over YSL lipsticks.
A relaxing massage at the Carita counter.
In love with the Shu Uemera Choupette (Shupette) collab, we all know how beautiful cats are!
IMG_2175.JPGHad such a fabulous night with loads of cash going to this truly wonderful charity, well done Harvey Nics & Look Good Feel Better.


Sex and the City (Liverpool to be precise!)

25 Nov

The amazing 58 year old(!!!) Kim Cattrall was back in her birth town (and mine) of Liverpool to receive her International Arts Icon award at the Collective Honours.

Just look at her gorgeous body and beautiful face, hopefully that’s due to something in the water here!
Miss Cattrall described the rumours of a third SATC film as ‘wishful thinking’, trust us Kim we are wishing hard.


23 Nov

It was a very cold day in Liverpool today and so I layered up to stop the chill.


Black jeans are my current fav and this pair were really cheap from Primark, they’re a great fit. These Vans shoes are pretty much the only leopard print you’ll find in my wardrobe as I tend to stay away from this over-done pattern on clothing.
I have had this Zara coat for ages now but it’s such a classic colour and shape that it always fits my outfits. The big H&M is great for shopping days, I’m in love with my grey Zara jumper and the denim shirt adds a little contrast and was from Primark.


22 Nov

I’ve always had a creative urge and have found outlets for this in a great variety of ways…singing, acting, dancing, drawing. Designing is a new passion, I love being given a challenge to get my brain working and recently completed a uni assignment based on transport, I wanted to tackle the image of cycling.

In the UK there is a big emphasis on cycling safety and you can buy all kinds of gear to help with that but I think we’re totally missing the point, successful cycling cities like Amsterdam give cyclists safe paths and people wear normal street clothes and no helmets. We need to get more people on their bikes in the UK to have a bigger impact on local councils and the government in making cycling a safe mode of transport.

I wanted to design an advertising campaign that gave cycling a more glamorous appeal, an image that said anyone can get anywhere on their bike and it doesn’t have to be weighed down by ugly fluorescent clothing. I imagined these ads (with a bike company logo added) to feature in our favourite fashion mags, with no sign of trainers or lycra!






I think there is definitely a place for sporty cycling ads but also feel that we owe it to our environment and our general health and wellbeing to make cycling more appealing for a wider variety of people.
I want women and men in their office wear to see cycling as a great mode of transport here in the UK, like they do in Amsterdam or Copenhagen.
What’s your preferred mode?



20 Nov

Sometimes I like to channel Rachel from Friends and I felt like that today in my dusky pink Primark coat, Topshop fitted skirt and grey Zara roll neck. Nineties chic… If such a thing exists.

Design a Tee – Mini Post

19 Nov

One of my uni assignments was to design a t-shirt, loved this project. Here’s the finished work.

So remember ladies (and gents) if he don’t have books, you get your ass outta there.

Taking the Shine Off

19 Nov

I take good care of my nails and always get a little alarmed when I see natural nails ravaged by years of acrylic damage, they look so sore! Everyone has their own style but I’m afraid false nails are not my thing and with such great products to care for and enhance the appeal of going au natural I kind of think they’re unnecessary.

I am loving matte nails at the moment and got myself a great little matte top coat from H&M, the bottle design is simplistic and this does what it says on the label.

I painted this top coat over one of my favourite colour polishes, Iconic by Revlon and I love the result.



OOTD, Saturday Shopping

18 Nov

I went shopping this Saturday which is becoming a regular occurrence now that the autumn/winter season is fully underway. It’s my favourite fashionable time of year and I love living somewhere that has changing seasons and a fall in temperatures, perfect for knitwear!





I wore this chunky sailor striped jumper from Topshop, dark grey Joni jeans (also Topshop) and heeled ankle boots with metal and embroidery detailing from H&M.