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Dior & I

9 Apr


Today I did something I’ve never done before. I visited the cinema solo, I use the word solo rather than alone because I really didn’t feel alone. The screen room had big seats like sofas and solo cinema goers were dotted around happily waiting for the film to begin, they were playing a Louis Armstrong tune and I felt so at home.


Then the film started and I was enraptured from start to finish, Dior and I gives us an insiders view of the ateliers of the house of Dior at 30 Ave. Montaigne in Paris. Everything from the premier atelier cracking open a tub of Haribo to relieve a bit of tension, to the first meeting with new creative director Raf Simons to his first haute couture collection sauntering down the orchid lined runway in 2012.



There are moments of creative madness like the scene where the designer has a toile spray painted black to get a better visual for the final look and moments of pure inspiration… Raf Simons has the controversial artist Sterling Ruby’s paintings painstakingly printed on fabric using the same methods that Christian Dior used for his amazing prints.


I expected a formal film, I expected the nitty gritty to be masked, but the fact that you get to see all of the highs and all of the lows makes this film a small masterpiece like each and every one of the looks in the collection.


The ateliers joke that the ghost of Christian Dior roams the place at night, checking their work and I think they might be right as every piece looked exquisite. Raf Simons couldn’t stop exclaiming how sublime everything was, like he was in awe of the haute couture artistry involved in creating his very own designs. 


We see a last minute change and a group of ateliers all silently unpicking the sewing work on one dress, we see a final celebratory glass of champagne on the final night before the show, the nerves, the excitement, the arguments, the inspiration, everything. 

My favourite scene from the film is when, moments before the debut show Raf is found alone on a sunny balcony by the show director who tells him there are more cameras, press and celebrities there than ever. Raf asks ‘Isn’t it always like this? I can’t believe it’. Then all of a sudden 8 weeks of settling in, designing a collection, producing it from start to finish, being excited, happy, under pressure, proud, anxious and totally exhausted he throws his head back and tears roll down his cheeks. They’re good tears though, ones that spring from your eyes involuntarily because you’ve ran out of room in your body for all of the wonderful emotions you’re feeling.


Such an amazing collection and such an amazing insight, see Dior and I if you can. You won’t regret it.




Garrett Hedlund & Kristen Stewart Jalouse Magazine

23 Aug

On The Road is due to be released in UK cinemas in September and two of its stars Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund headed to France for a shoot with Jalouse magazine to promote the film in May. The result is moody and dark in a youthful rebellion sense and the sexual chemistry between these two good-looking stars is sizzling, can’t wait for the movie.

I adore the styling in this shoot, Kristen looks young and funky in her white preppy shirt, blazer and tiny leather skirt.


Heather x