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Roller Lash by Benefit

15 Feb

At the beginning of the week I felt great about my new fresh faced, mascara free day look. I loved the time spared in the morning and I was beginning to feel chic and all Parisian-like with my messy hair and bright eyes.

Mid-week my eyes started to not look so good and as my Wednesday dragged on I started to get a sharp pain in my face, I took myself off to the doctors to find I have acute sinusitis and was sent on my way with a course of antibiotics.

I needed a pick-me-up or rather a perk-me-up, with my eyes looking far too tired and weary to go sans mascara I decided to try out the latest Elle magazine freebie, Benefit’s new mascara ‘Roller Lash’.

Benefit says this is a super-curling & lifting mascara and in a consumer panel survey 94% of women said their eyes looked more wide open, that’s exactly what I needed!

This mascara definitely opened up my eyes and it’s great for giving a good lengthy curl but it’s missing volume and that’s one important thing I look for when buying a new mascara.

Loréal So Couture

14 Jan

One of my little Christmas gifts this year was a Loréal So Couture box of goodies, so now the excitement of the festive season has dissipated and my new year flu has gone I thought I’d try the contents out.


2015/01/img_3695.jpg The box included a Volume Million Black Couture mascara, Colour Riche nail varnish in Exquisite Scarlett, Colour Riche Liner in Snow White and Colour Riche lipstick in Scarlette Crème.

2015/01/img_3702-0.jpg I adore the lipstick and because it’s so glossy it even made my dry winter lips look soft. This would be great for a vintage look or with an all white outfit for a bit of Italian glamour a lá Dolce.


2015/01/img_3701.jpgThe nail varnish is a lovely bright red colour and is really easy and quick to apply because of the flat brush. Silver midi rings keep this from looking too grown up.


2015/01/img_3704.jpgI don’t usually wear white eyeliners but this one is very creamy and didn’t irritate or scratch when applied. It helped to open out my eyes and teamed with the mascara, gave a really natural wide-eyed look. I like this mascara but normally tend to go for a softer, fuller brush to get maximum product on my lashes.


Łoréal, Benefit & Bourjois

8 Nov

Happy Saturday everyone,

Here’s a little post about some recent beauty purchases and my opinions on them. Look out for a great little recommended costume jewellery buy too.

I started incorporating an eye cream into my daily (and nightly) beauty routine a couple of years ago and started with Olay Total Effects 7 in one Eye Transforming Cream. I chose this particular one because I had used the Total Effects day moisturiser with SPF 15 for years (still do) and trusted the product to perform.

I’d never really looked for an alternative eye cream because I felt happy with the one I had but a friend gave me a sample of ‘It’s Potent!’ eye cream from Benefit and I gave it a try.

The box says this is a ‘Brightening eye cream to fade dark circles‘ and I can absolutely see a difference in the couple of weeks I’ve been using it, I liked it so much I bought the full size for £25.50. Working full time and studying for a degree means I have quite a lot of late, busy nights and this eye cream works wonders when I have some under eye puffiness.

This is Bourjois Rouge Edition in ‘beige trench’ and I think the colour is just as classic as its namesake. I was after a neutral lipstick with some moisture because my lips can get a bit dry in the colder weather, this does the trick nicely and leaves my lips feeling smooth and non-sticky. A lovely everyday colour that
suites my yellow-toned skin really well.

This mascara is False Lash Architect by Łoréal and on first application I found the formula to be quite dry, it took me a good few coats to get a good colour on my lashes. After a few more goes I think I like the dryness as I don’t get any clumps and because of the thick, messy bristles the brush really grips my eyelashes.

IMG_1345.JPGFinally here is my little wish bone necklace, been after one like for a while and saw it in a pack of three delicate chains from Primark for £1.50!