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Welcome 2016

5 Jan

I haven’t written a word on this blog for 6 months, the quickest half year I believe I have ever experienced. 

January. What better time to get back to sharing my musings on the things I love? The things I hope you’ll love too or at the least, be mildly interested in. 

So Happy New Year everyone, let’s make 2016 a year of falling in love. Fall in love with men, women, fashion, film, places, books, family… Fall in love with life itself.


Just to tickle the fashion tastebuds here is a beautifully stunning creation from Oscar De La Renta.




Dining with Miss Kitty

16 Apr

I had a girls date with my best friend on Tuesday night and we headed to this new place in Liverpool for a wonderful bit of Chinese weeknight indulgence. 


The vibe at Miss Kitty’s has been described by its owner Rob Gutmann as being like a Shanghai tea house/opium den 100 years ago and as we walked up the candle lit stairs and entered the restaurant space I felt transported. 


The low beamed ceiling and entirely exposed wooden decor makes you feel like you could be in a secret loft, the candles give the place a cosy glow and the smell of delicious food and incense permeates the air like a heavy, intoxicating fog. 


What better way to peruse the mouth watering menu than with a dainty cup of hot Chinese tea served by an incredibly warm, friendly, attentive waiter? It also made a perfect pre-cursor to a deliciously potent cocktail. 


No details have been overlooked at Miss Kitty’s, this really does feel like a special little place with its fish-print side dishes, bamboo placemats, steam baskets piled up ready to go, fish jugs with beautiful sprays of cherry blossoms on the tables… But don’t think it’s all traditional styling, there are no printed carpets here, just bright pink neons, exciting cocktails and the watchful eye of Miss Kitty herself, glaring from the exposed brick wall. 


…and the food! Oh the food! My friend and I ordered a steamed Dim Sum selection that came with the most delicious dipping sauce, salt and peppa ribs that tasted great with a splash of hot sauce and chicken Katsu with curry sauce and pickled ginger that I could have eaten plates and plates of. 

With eyes bigger than our bellies we also tucked greedily into tamarind ‘sweet and sour’ sesame crusted pork fillets with orange marmalade, jasmine rice and amazingly tasty coconut curry fries (highly recommended). 



I washed it all down with a tall Shanghai Cooler cocktail and walked out of Miss Kitty’s with a desire to return at the earliest opportunity. 







Colour Blocked

23 Oct

It is October. I adore autumn with its orange glow of falling leaves. Streetlights reflected yellow in the drops of rain forming puddles on the pavements. Cheeks rose pink in the colder air. The delicious chocolate coloured liquid of a warming coffee.

Floral prints seem garish and bright colours almost clash with the seasons natural hue. What on earth is a fashionista to do?

Think French.

I love experimenting and having fun with colours, sometimes I have my very own colour-blocking weeks in the office. No prints or patterns just bold against bright and I love it but, it doesn’t feel right for now.

I want to sit at the back of the bus in moody black and have all the other commuters avoid me. I want to sip my red wine in grey cashmere and talk about current affairs with a lover. I don’t want to hide behind a wall of somber tones, rather I want people to think me mysterious. I hear them whispering ‘Is she a poet?’ ‘No, perhaps an artist?’ ‘No no my friend, I think she may be French!’.


Larsson & Jennings Lader Watch. Vince Camuto Wool Hat. Primark T-Bar Flats. How To Be Parisian by Sophie Mas, Caroline De Maigret, Anne Berest and Audrey Diwan.


Pull & Bear Black Coffee Please Sweater


Primark box clutch. Liverpool & Manchester culture journal, The Skinny. Selection of tees & jumpers, Primark, H&M and Zara.