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In Search of a Gentleman

20 Aug

I am a single girl.

They are a few words I didn’t think I would find myself typing all together in one loaded sentence after ten years with my ex-boyfriend, but don’t worry as this is certainly not going to be a depressing post about lost love and broken hearts. The crushing feeling has dissipated finally and with a new season comes new prospects, fresh dreams and… dating!

I feel that heading in to Autumn I’d rather like a new accessory and what could be classier than a handsome gentlemen who is not afraid of facial hair, pocket squares and old movie star hair coiffure. I’m treating everyday as a new opportunity to meet my very own Gatsby, single days are certainly not for lazy dressing and greasy hair. We want to be looking our best if we happen to come across our very own real gentlemen ladies.

This post is for everyone who likes their men like they like their champagne. Elegant, expensive and sparkling.

Ben Affleck

Bradley Cooper

David Beckham

leonardo dicaprio

Michael Fassbender

Ryan Gosling

tom hardy

Zac Efron

Back to the fashion posts shortly, in the meantime…enjoy

Love H xxx