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Beauty and Books

29 Nov

Sometimes it seems like everything I love hails from the little country across the English Channel called France. When I think about iconic looks and modern day aspirational women I can’t help but think of the French, from Brigitte Bardot to Catherine Denueve… Garance Doré to Caroline De Maigret, they all have a certain… je ne sais quoi. 

I’ve been loving the skin care from the brand La Roche-Posay since I tried their Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System last year, this Pigmentclar Eyes dark circle brightener is fast becoming part of my daily (and nightly) routine.

Using this La Mer matifying, oil-absorbing tonique after cleansing and before moisturiser has really helped to keep the oily parts of face (T-zone woes!) under control without drying out the rest of my skin in the cold weather we’ve been having. This tonique doesn’t sting like a lot of toners do either so it doesn’t feel harsh on my face which means I give this a big thumbs up.

Has anyone tried the new Chanel No.5? The original is a classic, a perfume absolutely everybody is aware of and yet, every time I smelt it in my department store wanderings it always felt a bit too mature for me. I like to imagine that when I’m older I will find an affinity for the eternal elegance of No.5 but Chanel have answered my wishes early with the new version, Chanel No.5 L’eau.

It is so beautifully light and fresh with a hint of the heady undertones of the original and I am in love with it, being lucky enough to have received it for my thirtieth birthday in October. I have a feeling Madame Chanel would have approved of this new addition and the wonderfully designed ad campaigns to go with it…

I love to re-read books and pluck out sections that feel appropriate for certain occasions and particular moods. Garance Doré’s Love Style Life is my go-to for fashion & lifestyle pondering and the illustrations are truly beautiful.

H x

Hair Grows 

27 Oct

I’d been getting my hair cut shorter and shorter over time and then about a year ago I decided to have the shortest cut I’ve ever had.

I really loved it at the time, it signified a changing of ways, a new chapter and happier, healthier me. Now I’m looking for another change-up, but this is a slower process.

I’m growing my hair again, I miss the longer locks and the styling options. Progress isn’t fast but some things are worth waiting for and I’m in this for the long haul… at least I’m over the awkward- just touch the shoulder- flicks.

If you’re growing your hair out, hang on in there my loves.


H x

Nip + Fab Glycolic Instant Fix Mask

12 Jul

I’m loving this mask at the moment, it’s working wonders on my skin!  

  Here’s what’s on the bottle:-

‘A high potency, pore-tightening gel mask to perfect + exfoliate the complexion. Our highest level of glycolic acid combines with EVERMAT technology to gently smooth away the appearance of lines + wrinkles whilst clearing + reducing the look of enlarged pores. Skin is more even-toned + visually smoother.’

This mask really does reduce my pores quite significantly and gives me an overall fresher complexion so I will definitely be buying it again. 




You Smell Divine

9 Jul

Le Parfum dans tous les sans is a very beautiful exhibition based on the wonderful subject of perfume with photographs from The Fragrance Foundation of France and set in the stunning gardens of the Palais Royal. I had the great pleasure of enjoying the display of 50 captivating photographs on a sunny afternoon in Paris when the smell of roses wafted in the air and a rare feeling of utter calm passed over me.

There are two journeys through the photographs, one shows how perfumes are created and produced from the very first idea to the bottles lining department store shelves, the second journey is purely about the senses we use to experience scents. When I think about it, nothing brings a moment from the past back to me like a scent does, my nanna’s makeup box we would play with as children, the smell of engine oil in my grandads shed, cologne of ex boyfriends. There really is nothing like scent to provoke memories we thought we had long forgotten. Jean Paul Guerlain once said that perfume is the most intense form of memory, he was right.

This exhibition and its setting is wonderful, if you’re visiting Paris please don’t miss this one (it’s free too!).

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Rose Libertine

12 May

Love this pretty nail colour for spring/summer 2015. Rose Libertine by Rimmel, 60 Seconds Super Shine. 




Hello Nip + Fab

11 Mar

Kylie Jenner is their new celeb ‘face’ and the brand was brought to us by the founder of luxury skincare brand Rodial, meet your new go-to guardian of all things body and skin.

Nip + Fab aim to be accessible, affordable and effective and created for a woman who wants it all. Sounds like a big boast to me, but do their products live up to the hype? 

I’ve been trying out the Dark Circle Fix that contains red algae to target dark circles, tetra peptide to reduce the look of puffiness and shea butter to hydrate and soften.

You may have seen on a previous post I talked about Benefit’s It’s Potent! Eye Cream and whilst I like the formula of that, this Nip + Fab product is a lot more effective on the darkness of my under eye circles. 

Dark Circle Fix is really smooth when applying and I like the way the loose serum-like texture doesn’t pull on the delicate skin around the eye. I prefer to use this in the morning to reduce the puffiness of sleep and it does that really well but I’ll stick with a creamier, heavier solution for nightimes as I feel like they drench my skin with much needed moisture through the night.

Overall I think this is a great product and it does exactly what it claims to do on the bottle, I’m not sure how effective it would be at reducing wrinkles but if you suffer with dark circles I’d say this is worth the £15.95 price tag.




Micellar Water… What’s it all About Anyway?

10 Mar

So I kept seeing micellar water everywhere and I had no idea what it was, after doing some reading up on what it contains and what it does I was all up for trying it out.

Micellar water is loved by French ladies (reason enough for me to grab a bottle) and is free from alcohol and soap so it’s a really gentle way to remove makeup and because you don’t have rinse it off with water it’s also super easy for slightly lazy girls! Not that we’d ever scrimp on our skin care, right ladies? 

I found this B. Pure Micellar water in the Superdrug B. vegan range and loved the low price tag, I got this half price at £2.49 but it’s well worth the usual £4.99.

So, if like me you’re wondering what it actually does here’s a rundown of what’s on the back of the bottle. It’s a 3 in 1 “super” water that claims to cleanse, tone and refresh your face, suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. It cleanses by removing impurities and makeup and its gentle enough to use on the eye area. It tones by restoring pH balance and keeping skin supple. Finally it refreshes with cucumber extract.

For years I’ve removed stubborn makeup like mascara with cucumber face wipes followed by a swipe of Clean and Clear sensitive cleansing lotion but I think this micellar water could persuade me to change up my routine. It’s very gentle on my skin and even removes tough mascara with a couple of cotton pads, unlike face wipes this leaves my skin feeling full of moisture and silky soft. 

It’s a big thumbs up from me for this product, my sister has been using the moisturiser from the B. range and is loving that too so make sure to check it out while it’s on half price because you may just find a product you adore.