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Inspired by a guy of nearly 70yrs

23 Sep

Rankin is pretty amazing. He has shot some of the most iconic fashion images with some of the most famous, beautiful people in the world.

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But he’s never moved me like this before.

His exhibition ALIVE: In the Face of Death, recently displayed at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool was inspiring, showing not only the strength of the human character but also Rankins delicate, honest talent for capturing the soul of his models.

The exhibition was essentially about death. Its a tricky subject to say the least, one we don’t like to dwell on all that much but some of the everyday people Rankin photographed know they are running out of time, they’re still fighting. Most importantly they’re still LIVING.

This is Jim Edwards and he has emphysema, a chronic lung disease. We all have our problems and to each of us they are of utmost importance, like Jim we should all strive to find happiness in the things that make us smile. Everyday.


‘I don’t see why, if virtually everything else is gone, the desire to look reasonable should go as well.

Something has to make you feel good, and clothes make me feel good, and why shouldn’t a guy of nearly 70 years wear pink shoes if he wants to wear pink shoes?

It’s just something that keeps me happy.’

Jim is my new icon.

Love H x

Farewell My Summer Love, Farewell

5 Sep

September is here, the time of year when our lazy love affair with sandals and sunglasses fades and we begin to feverishly eye-up the new season knitwear and boots. Ice-cream and long days at the beach become a distant memory and will soon be replaced by hot chocolate and cosy coffee shop sofas.

When I step out into the morning and feel the fresh snap at my skin & smell the cold dew on the grass I know that autumn is just around the corner, this thought fills me with renewed vigor and a change of focus for my ever increasing wardrobe.

This year I have decided that its high time we ditched the cocoon coats, mannish military cover-ups and no-effort parkas and actually displayed those waists we worked so hard for in Spring. Just because we have the possibility of hiding our extra pounds in the colder months under more forgiving clothing, it doesnt mean that we should. If we keep ourselves in check throughout Autumn/Winter we wont even need to do the big summer body re-haul next spring.

So with the waistline in mind and as the key focus for the new season I will be looking to Audrey Hepburn as one of my main style influences. Any female with an eye for style will almost certainly see Audrey Hepburn as an icon. The belted trench she wears in that scene from Breakfast At Tiffanys, you know the one with the rain, the cat and the kissing, is a truly inspiring Autumn look.

audrey hepburnI will be looking online and on the high street to capture this timeless look, here are my favourite classic trench coats of the current season.

mac trench coat asos

ASOS Classic Mac £60

h&m trenchcoat mac

H&M Trenchcoat £34.99

Hobbs London Saskia Trenchcoat mac tranch

Hobbs London Saskia Trench £189

zara trenchcoat trench mac

Zara Trench Coat with Detachable Lining £79.99

mango mac trench trenchcoat

Mango Leather Collar Belted Mac £99.99

The bare legged, demure heeled look is beautiful with a belted mac but I am a big fan of pairing this ladylike wardrobe staple with something a little less clean and tidy like a slick pair of boots. I’m lusting after these beauties from Kurt Geiger.

Swap Mid Heel Ankle Boots £160 Stomp Low Heel Chelsea Boots £150

Swap Mid Heel Ankle Boots £160
Stomp Low Heel Chelsea Boots £150

Love H x