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Getting My Vintage On

30 Nov

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a shearling coat for a while now, but that kind of purchase always takes a considerable amount of mulling-over for me. I don’t like making rash decisions when it comes to outerwear, there is a very fine line between fashionable and fashion victim. The latter is a very sorry state to be in, more about that in a future post but for now let me show you my vintage buy.

IMG_2246-1.JPGIt costs an amazingly inexpensive £30 and after a little arm alteration on my sewing machine this jacket will be perfect!


IMG_2244.JPG I also had a haircut and got rid of some length, it was getting a bit tired and I decided to go for the chop. My best friend sometimes shows me fun quotes about life and we laugh at how they relate to me but I’ve become a bit cynical after seeing so many and for every quote there seems to be a counter-quote. Having said all that, I do kind of like this one:-
‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.’ Coco Chanel, I hope so Coco.


23 Nov

It was a very cold day in Liverpool today and so I layered up to stop the chill.


Black jeans are my current fav and this pair were really cheap from Primark, they’re a great fit. These Vans shoes are pretty much the only leopard print you’ll find in my wardrobe as I tend to stay away from this over-done pattern on clothing.
I have had this Zara coat for ages now but it’s such a classic colour and shape that it always fits my outfits. The big H&M is great for shopping days, I’m in love with my grey Zara jumper and the denim shirt adds a little contrast and was from Primark.

Hello November

1 Nov

Some people love basking in the sun’s hot rays all summer long, praying that the cold weather doesn’t come around again too soon and spending all winter wishing to be back in their sandals with bright cheery toenail polish on.
I’m not one of these people, I like summer with its balmy nights and relaxed vibe but at heart I am most definitely a winter girl. As well as chunky knits, boots and cosy scarves comes my favourite wardrobe addition, which is simply unnecessary in summer and it is The Winter Coat.
I have so many coats I lose count and I just bought another! I was browsing through Instagram as I so often do and saw a beautiful, soft, winter white wonder. I fell in love. I commented, found out where the gorgeous girl in the pic got it and off I went to H&M.

I couldn’t believe this outfit transforming coat was £34.99, the fabric is really soft felt and it’s so wonderfully warm and cosy. So perfect for dry, crisp November days.
I could hardly wait to wear it and put it on today for breakfast in town.

Worn with ‘Black Coffee Please’ Pull and Bear sweater, plaid Primark skater dress and simple black tights & shoes.

I used my Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner to create a little definition under my eye and wore my hair down with a natural wave.

I can’t wait for the weather to get even colder so I can wear a big scarf with this coat and feel all warm. I might even make a sewing pattern from it and make myself one in different colours!