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22 Nov

I’ve always had a creative urge and have found outlets for this in a great variety of ways…singing, acting, dancing, drawing. Designing is a new passion, I love being given a challenge to get my brain working and recently completed a uni assignment based on transport, I wanted to tackle the image of cycling.

In the UK there is a big emphasis on cycling safety and you can buy all kinds of gear to help with that but I think we’re totally missing the point, successful cycling cities like Amsterdam give cyclists safe paths and people wear normal street clothes and no helmets. We need to get more people on their bikes in the UK to have a bigger impact on local councils and the government in making cycling a safe mode of transport.

I wanted to design an advertising campaign that gave cycling a more glamorous appeal, an image that said anyone can get anywhere on their bike and it doesn’t have to be weighed down by ugly fluorescent clothing. I imagined these ads (with a bike company logo added) to feature in our favourite fashion mags, with no sign of trainers or lycra!






I think there is definitely a place for sporty cycling ads but also feel that we owe it to our environment and our general health and wellbeing to make cycling more appealing for a wider variety of people.
I want women and men in their office wear to see cycling as a great mode of transport here in the UK, like they do in Amsterdam or Copenhagen.
What’s your preferred mode?


The Witching Hour

27 Oct

It’s the time of year when the seldom seen pumpkin gets centre stage in fruit & veg shops, costume-hire stores are ransacked and everything else gets just a little bit scary!

The British high street has fully embraced goth-like glamour and I think it’s high-time we threw out the polyester milk maid costumes and celebrated a rather more sophisticated festival of the dead, a little less trick and a whole lot more treat.

Black Cascade Neckwear £15 River Island

Black Chiffon Split Side Maxi Skirt £30 River Island

Black Cross Stud Earrings £1.50 River Island

Black Flocked Mesh Bodycon Dress £35 River Island

Black PU & Snakeskin Bodycon Dress £50 River Island

Black Velvet Flocked Bodycon Dress £40 River Island

Project #3 Lace Maxi Dress £49 River Island

Sparkle & Fade Mesh Insert Maxi Skirt £35 Urban Outfitters

Wildfox Skeleton Heart Crop Tee £75 Urban Outfitters

Love H x