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You Smell Divine

9 Jul

Le Parfum dans tous les sans is a very beautiful exhibition based on the wonderful subject of perfume with photographs from The Fragrance Foundation of France and set in the stunning gardens of the Palais Royal. I had the great pleasure of enjoying the display of 50 captivating photographs on a sunny afternoon in Paris when the smell of roses wafted in the air and a rare feeling of utter calm passed over me.

There are two journeys through the photographs, one shows how perfumes are created and produced from the very first idea to the bottles lining department store shelves, the second journey is purely about the senses we use to experience scents. When I think about it, nothing brings a moment from the past back to me like a scent does, my nanna’s makeup box we would play with as children, the smell of engine oil in my grandads shed, cologne of ex boyfriends. There really is nothing like scent to provoke memories we thought we had long forgotten. Jean Paul Guerlain once said that perfume is the most intense form of memory, he was right.

This exhibition and its setting is wonderful, if you’re visiting Paris please don’t miss this one (it’s free too!).

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22 Nov

I’ve always had a creative urge and have found outlets for this in a great variety of ways…singing, acting, dancing, drawing. Designing is a new passion, I love being given a challenge to get my brain working and recently completed a uni assignment based on transport, I wanted to tackle the image of cycling.

In the UK there is a big emphasis on cycling safety and you can buy all kinds of gear to help with that but I think we’re totally missing the point, successful cycling cities like Amsterdam give cyclists safe paths and people wear normal street clothes and no helmets. We need to get more people on their bikes in the UK to have a bigger impact on local councils and the government in making cycling a safe mode of transport.

I wanted to design an advertising campaign that gave cycling a more glamorous appeal, an image that said anyone can get anywhere on their bike and it doesn’t have to be weighed down by ugly fluorescent clothing. I imagined these ads (with a bike company logo added) to feature in our favourite fashion mags, with no sign of trainers or lycra!






I think there is definitely a place for sporty cycling ads but also feel that we owe it to our environment and our general health and wellbeing to make cycling more appealing for a wider variety of people.
I want women and men in their office wear to see cycling as a great mode of transport here in the UK, like they do in Amsterdam or Copenhagen.
What’s your preferred mode?


Inspired by a guy of nearly 70yrs

23 Sep

Rankin is pretty amazing. He has shot some of the most iconic fashion images with some of the most famous, beautiful people in the world.

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But he’s never moved me like this before.

His exhibition ALIVE: In the Face of Death, recently displayed at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool was inspiring, showing not only the strength of the human character but also Rankins delicate, honest talent for capturing the soul of his models.

The exhibition was essentially about death. Its a tricky subject to say the least, one we don’t like to dwell on all that much but some of the everyday people Rankin photographed know they are running out of time, they’re still fighting. Most importantly they’re still LIVING.

This is Jim Edwards and he has emphysema, a chronic lung disease. We all have our problems and to each of us they are of utmost importance, like Jim we should all strive to find happiness in the things that make us smile. Everyday.


‘I don’t see why, if virtually everything else is gone, the desire to look reasonable should go as well.

Something has to make you feel good, and clothes make me feel good, and why shouldn’t a guy of nearly 70 years wear pink shoes if he wants to wear pink shoes?

It’s just something that keeps me happy.’

Jim is my new icon.

Love H x