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Hair Grows 

27 Oct

I’d been getting my hair cut shorter and shorter over time and then about a year ago I decided to have the shortest cut I’ve ever had.

I really loved it at the time, it signified a changing of ways, a new chapter and happier, healthier me. Now I’m looking for another change-up, but this is a slower process.

I’m growing my hair again, I miss the longer locks and the styling options. Progress isn’t fast but some things are worth waiting for and I’m in this for the long haul… at least I’m over the awkward- just touch the shoulder- flicks.

If you’re growing your hair out, hang on in there my loves.


H x


25 Oct

So it’s back to blogging because far too many wonderful things happen in life to not be documenting it in online diary form. 

I’ve just turned thirty, it happened with no impending dread or concern for rapidly deteriorating skin. Instead, it happened in Paris. My favourite place in the world, a city full to the brim with culture, beauty, amazing food and of course… the Eiffel Tower, who couldn’t be charmed by all of that.

In the course of turning the big 3-0 I acquired some wonderful gifts from friends and family that I am excited to tell you about.

In my absence from the blogosphere I’ve visited a couple of other great destinations in Europe and have first hand recommendations for anyone thinking of making some European trips in the future. 

I’ve also been learning to ski (something I’ve always wanted to do) for an upcoming trip in January so expect to hear a lot more about that venture and my progress in the slopes. Bring on the red wine and fondue Switzerland.

Here’s a photograph of beautiful Montmartre, I hope it cheers this dark Tuesday morning.


H x

NYFW AW16-17

12 Feb

Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent does it again. Love the the luxe fabrics and sexy seventies styling. 




Welcome 2016

5 Jan

I haven’t written a word on this blog for 6 months, the quickest half year I believe I have ever experienced. 

January. What better time to get back to sharing my musings on the things I love? The things I hope you’ll love too or at the least, be mildly interested in. 

So Happy New Year everyone, let’s make 2016 a year of falling in love. Fall in love with men, women, fashion, film, places, books, family… Fall in love with life itself.


Just to tickle the fashion tastebuds here is a beautifully stunning creation from Oscar De La Renta.




Je Suis Charlie

8 Jan

Horrified by the news reports on the Charlie Hebdo massacre today, 12 lives taken in an awful attack on freedom of speech and creativity.
Moved at the scenes of crowds gathering around the world in protest and defiance against this monstrous act. Pray for Paris and continue to be creative, do it for the 12 gone.






“Liberty will always be stronger than barbarism” Francois Hollande.
(Photographs used are from

Outfit of the Day!

5 Nov

I’m still completely obsessed with my white H&M coat, it feels totally impractical but ever so glamorous to be dashing around town in. In fact today’s outfit was mainly H&M including the chunky knit soft green jumper and my favourite boots.


The grey Jersey pencil skirt was a Primark bargain, I love those!


Naomi Campbell x Claudia Schiffer

1 Nov

Gorgeous supermodels, gorgeous post x

Life Under A Lucky Star

Loving these shots of legendary Supermodels Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer from the NOvember issue of Vogue Turkey.

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My Minimal Daily Makeup

28 Oct

I’ve made a vow to stop wearing foundation on working days, I don’t like the idea of my pores being clogged up for all those hours. I’m going for a much fresher look and Think it suits the colder weather for my skin to look a little fairer with healthy glow in my cheeks.


I use Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot on my eyelids and to cover any dark circles beneath my eyes, the colour I use is Soft Ochre and it’s the perfect match for my skin. It gives me a radiant eye look, even on Monday mornings and is a great fixing base under eyeshadows.

To give my brows a bit of shaping and fulness I use a Sleek Brow Kit in Dark that has a pigmented wax and a setting powder. This kit has a really great tone and helps frame my face really well, it also comes with a slanted brush, blending brush and mini tweezers for any stray hairs.

I love this Diorshow mascara by Dior and picked it up at the duty free before a flight to Amsterdam, it’s big soft brush makes application really easy and it makes my eyelashes look full of volume.

Sometimes I wear a flick of black liquid liner on my lids and while I adore that look it’s sometimes a little harsh. When I want a softer eye look I tend to go for shadows and bought this little Champagne Fizz trio from Collection because I love the dusky olive green shade. I apply it to the creases and lash line for a subtle hint of colour.

I always curl my eyelashes to open up my eyes and although I’ve tried more expensive curlers I find these cheap ones to give me the best curl, they can be found in Superdrug, Boots and chemists.

My makeup is not complete without a little dusting of blusher, this shade is called Pixie Pink by Sleek and a little goes a really long way! The shade is very pretty and used sparingly, gives a nice subtle flushed look.

Intense Care Baby Lips by Maybelline is my lip saviour, especially when the weather turns bitterly cold. It’s formula is soothing and not sticky at all, this one has a neutral scent so would be great for the boys too.

Finally, I finish off my pared back look with a couple of coats of Not Just A Pretty Face by Essie, the most perfect pinky nude that never makes me look like I have mannequin hands!


Bey and Topshop are in business

28 Oct

Great article on the Beyoncé/Topshop partnership, hope there’s some yoga wear planned. Sure this will be a fierce contender for other less-fashion led sports brands, can’t wait!


hot-bey-topshop-1Yes, you heard right: the immortal being that is Beyoncé will be teaming up with Topshop to launch an athletic street-wear brand. This is no plain collaboration, though, because besides involving the majesty that is Beyoncé, actually sees Topshop owner Sir Philip Green and Bey creating a 50/50 joint venture company, Parkwood TopShop Athletic Ltd, to produce apparel and accessories across dance, fitness and sports categories. That means it’s pretty much a standalone brand that promises “a dynamic fusion of fashion with the highest levels of technical performance”, whilst arriving from the hands of Beyoncé herself. NOW WHO RUN DIS MOTHER.

This, of course, is but logical for a woman who already runs the pop world with cool, confidence and no shortage of style. And after all…


Sir Philip Green calls her “one of the most hard-working and talented people in the world, who spends many hours of her life…

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Treasures New & Old

27 Oct


A Saturday spent in the countryside in a small town called Ironbridge meant a trip to a second hand book shop. I adore whiling away the time searching for old treasures and this time came home with a couple of great ones.

I can’t wait to start reading Daphne Du Maurier’s Frenchman’s Creek and Hotel Berlin by Vicki Baum.

After returning to Liverpool I had a short look around the shops on Sunday and picked up this lovely, oversized, envelope clutch from Primark for just £3!

With the opening of the newly improved Zara Liverpool I was able to buy a replacement handbag perfume after using one bottle up entirely, this is Zara Rose and costs £7.99 for 50ml. Using this as one of my daily scents means I can save my special fragrances for memorable occasions.

The pencil was a gift from my lovely best friend and has the Sex and the City quote ‘this love stuff is a motherfucker’. My best friend knows that I have the ability to pluck a Sex and the City quote from my mind to fit almost any situation and this is certainly one I see myself using a lot!

Finally I’ve included a bottle of Topshop nail varnish in ‘Middle Child’, my sister gave me this in my birthday. I am the middle of three girls so it’s perfect and I just love the amazing colour!