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Micellar Water… What’s it all About Anyway?

10 Mar

So I kept seeing micellar water everywhere and I had no idea what it was, after doing some reading up on what it contains and what it does I was all up for trying it out.

Micellar water is loved by French ladies (reason enough for me to grab a bottle) and is free from alcohol and soap so it’s a really gentle way to remove makeup and because you don’t have rinse it off with water it’s also super easy for slightly lazy girls! Not that we’d ever scrimp on our skin care, right ladies? 

I found this B. Pure Micellar water in the Superdrug B. vegan range and loved the low price tag, I got this half price at £2.49 but it’s well worth the usual £4.99.

So, if like me you’re wondering what it actually does here’s a rundown of what’s on the back of the bottle. It’s a 3 in 1 “super” water that claims to cleanse, tone and refresh your face, suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. It cleanses by removing impurities and makeup and its gentle enough to use on the eye area. It tones by restoring pH balance and keeping skin supple. Finally it refreshes with cucumber extract.

For years I’ve removed stubborn makeup like mascara with cucumber face wipes followed by a swipe of Clean and Clear sensitive cleansing lotion but I think this micellar water could persuade me to change up my routine. It’s very gentle on my skin and even removes tough mascara with a couple of cotton pads, unlike face wipes this leaves my skin feeling full of moisture and silky soft. 

It’s a big thumbs up from me for this product, my sister has been using the moisturiser from the B. range and is loving that too so make sure to check it out while it’s on half price because you may just find a product you adore.




I Declare This Mary-Kate Monday

8 Dec

I am mesmerised by Mary-Kate Olsen. Captivated. Obsessed. In love with her. She is it, whatever it is and what better way to break through a miserable Monday than by channelling her chic.




Dark eyes, grunge hair, black clothing and a moody filter. I use Oil Elixir for Colour Treated Hair by TRESemmé to keep the ends of my hair silky soft and give a good spray of Salon Finish hairspray, also by TRESemmé, to keep my style in all day.


You can find a short video clip on my Instagram page @ShotsThroughTheHeart for how I get these beachy waves using my GHD styler.
Happy Monday everyone,

Outfit of the day

11 Nov

I don’t like Mondays, that’s an understatement really but the point is they’re bad! Really bad! I find myself searching, when I should be on my way to work already, for something happy to wear that will make me feel better about the day that marks the beginning of the working week.
So my Monday outfit consisted of a beautifully soft, warm, Zara turtleneck sweater and a New Look pencil skirt with a vibrant floral print.


Worn with black tights and a pair of H&M boots with a chunky heel and tough zip.

I did a cat-eye flick and a pink lip colour, Mac ‘Hip ‘N’ Happy’ lip pencil.



Green Eyed Girl

10 Nov

I love playing about with makeup and experimenting with different looks, I picked up these three eyeshadows from the brand Makeup Revolution London and for £1.50 each I wasn’t expecting much but thought I’d try them out anyway. I also used my Mac eye shadow in Lucky Green for this look.

IMG_1512.JPGI used the Adore Moi shade as an all over lid base and worked I Need You into the crease and lower lash line with Eden used to accentuate a flirty, dramatic flick.

Finally I lined underneath my eyes with the Mac Lucky Green for a bright pop of colour.

IMG_1506.JPG I was so happily surprised by these inexpensive eyeshadows, especially the Eden shade as the colour pigment is really vibrant. Teamed with a sparkly gold shimmer this colour would be perfect for the party season and for £1.50 I think I’ll be going back for some more shades!

Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner

31 Oct

When my Elle subscription hits the doormat I’m always eager to devour the latest issue and this month there was an extra treat, a travel size Benefit gel liner.

I love trying new beauty products and had heard good things about this product, it took two years to develop and according to Elle, it became the UK’s best selling eyeliner within two weeks. All just advertising hype or do we have a revolutionary product here?

I thought this gel liner was a bit tricky to apply and didn’t really feel in control of the shape of the flick like I do with a liquid liner. This liner also set really quickly which I think would be a really great feature after a bit of practise with the application.

The colour was really dark which I loved but it did smudge a little throughout the day which was disappointing. I tried out a graphic flick and was very pleased with the look, the gel formula didn’t crack at all and because of the dark pigment this look was very striking.

I’d like to try this liner again and get to grips with the application, I think it could be really great for creating powerful makeup looks.



My Minimal Daily Makeup

28 Oct

I’ve made a vow to stop wearing foundation on working days, I don’t like the idea of my pores being clogged up for all those hours. I’m going for a much fresher look and Think it suits the colder weather for my skin to look a little fairer with healthy glow in my cheeks.


I use Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot on my eyelids and to cover any dark circles beneath my eyes, the colour I use is Soft Ochre and it’s the perfect match for my skin. It gives me a radiant eye look, even on Monday mornings and is a great fixing base under eyeshadows.

To give my brows a bit of shaping and fulness I use a Sleek Brow Kit in Dark that has a pigmented wax and a setting powder. This kit has a really great tone and helps frame my face really well, it also comes with a slanted brush, blending brush and mini tweezers for any stray hairs.

I love this Diorshow mascara by Dior and picked it up at the duty free before a flight to Amsterdam, it’s big soft brush makes application really easy and it makes my eyelashes look full of volume.

Sometimes I wear a flick of black liquid liner on my lids and while I adore that look it’s sometimes a little harsh. When I want a softer eye look I tend to go for shadows and bought this little Champagne Fizz trio from Collection because I love the dusky olive green shade. I apply it to the creases and lash line for a subtle hint of colour.

I always curl my eyelashes to open up my eyes and although I’ve tried more expensive curlers I find these cheap ones to give me the best curl, they can be found in Superdrug, Boots and chemists.

My makeup is not complete without a little dusting of blusher, this shade is called Pixie Pink by Sleek and a little goes a really long way! The shade is very pretty and used sparingly, gives a nice subtle flushed look.

Intense Care Baby Lips by Maybelline is my lip saviour, especially when the weather turns bitterly cold. It’s formula is soothing and not sticky at all, this one has a neutral scent so would be great for the boys too.

Finally, I finish off my pared back look with a couple of coats of Not Just A Pretty Face by Essie, the most perfect pinky nude that never makes me look like I have mannequin hands!