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Dining with Miss Kitty

16 Apr

I had a girls date with my best friend on Tuesday night and we headed to this new place in Liverpool for a wonderful bit of Chinese weeknight indulgence. 


The vibe at Miss Kitty’s has been described by its owner Rob Gutmann as being like a Shanghai tea house/opium den 100 years ago and as we walked up the candle lit stairs and entered the restaurant space I felt transported. 


The low beamed ceiling and entirely exposed wooden decor makes you feel like you could be in a secret loft, the candles give the place a cosy glow and the smell of delicious food and incense permeates the air like a heavy, intoxicating fog. 


What better way to peruse the mouth watering menu than with a dainty cup of hot Chinese tea served by an incredibly warm, friendly, attentive waiter? It also made a perfect pre-cursor to a deliciously potent cocktail. 


No details have been overlooked at Miss Kitty’s, this really does feel like a special little place with its fish-print side dishes, bamboo placemats, steam baskets piled up ready to go, fish jugs with beautiful sprays of cherry blossoms on the tables… But don’t think it’s all traditional styling, there are no printed carpets here, just bright pink neons, exciting cocktails and the watchful eye of Miss Kitty herself, glaring from the exposed brick wall. 


…and the food! Oh the food! My friend and I ordered a steamed Dim Sum selection that came with the most delicious dipping sauce, salt and peppa ribs that tasted great with a splash of hot sauce and chicken Katsu with curry sauce and pickled ginger that I could have eaten plates and plates of. 

With eyes bigger than our bellies we also tucked greedily into tamarind ‘sweet and sour’ sesame crusted pork fillets with orange marmalade, jasmine rice and amazingly tasty coconut curry fries (highly recommended). 



I washed it all down with a tall Shanghai Cooler cocktail and walked out of Miss Kitty’s with a desire to return at the earliest opportunity. 







Dior & I

9 Apr


Today I did something I’ve never done before. I visited the cinema solo, I use the word solo rather than alone because I really didn’t feel alone. The screen room had big seats like sofas and solo cinema goers were dotted around happily waiting for the film to begin, they were playing a Louis Armstrong tune and I felt so at home.


Then the film started and I was enraptured from start to finish, Dior and I gives us an insiders view of the ateliers of the house of Dior at 30 Ave. Montaigne in Paris. Everything from the premier atelier cracking open a tub of Haribo to relieve a bit of tension, to the first meeting with new creative director Raf Simons to his first haute couture collection sauntering down the orchid lined runway in 2012.



There are moments of creative madness like the scene where the designer has a toile spray painted black to get a better visual for the final look and moments of pure inspiration… Raf Simons has the controversial artist Sterling Ruby’s paintings painstakingly printed on fabric using the same methods that Christian Dior used for his amazing prints.


I expected a formal film, I expected the nitty gritty to be masked, but the fact that you get to see all of the highs and all of the lows makes this film a small masterpiece like each and every one of the looks in the collection.


The ateliers joke that the ghost of Christian Dior roams the place at night, checking their work and I think they might be right as every piece looked exquisite. Raf Simons couldn’t stop exclaiming how sublime everything was, like he was in awe of the haute couture artistry involved in creating his very own designs. 


We see a last minute change and a group of ateliers all silently unpicking the sewing work on one dress, we see a final celebratory glass of champagne on the final night before the show, the nerves, the excitement, the arguments, the inspiration, everything. 

My favourite scene from the film is when, moments before the debut show Raf is found alone on a sunny balcony by the show director who tells him there are more cameras, press and celebrities there than ever. Raf asks ‘Isn’t it always like this? I can’t believe it’. Then all of a sudden 8 weeks of settling in, designing a collection, producing it from start to finish, being excited, happy, under pressure, proud, anxious and totally exhausted he throws his head back and tears roll down his cheeks. They’re good tears though, ones that spring from your eyes involuntarily because you’ve ran out of room in your body for all of the wonderful emotions you’re feeling.


Such an amazing collection and such an amazing insight, see Dior and I if you can. You won’t regret it.




Skirt Styling

8 Apr

When I go to vintage stores or markets I’m always on the lookout for good skirts, I adore how vintage skirts always seem to be just the right length with teeny figure loving waists and yards of beautiful fabric. 

Maybe you’re not usually one for skirts or perhaps you’ve never tried your hand at rummaging for a vintage wonder but I can’t recommend it enough. I practically live in vintage skirts with basic, Italian style leather sandals all summer. The look doesn’t have to be totally vintage either, we’re not going for a cliché fifties vibe and certainly don’t want to look like an extra on the set of Grease. Oh no no no. The key with vintage is to work it into your own unique style palette, don’t lose yourself in a Dita Von Teese-Doris Day mine field. 

Here are three vintage skirts I’ve picked up over the last few months in preparation for when the tights come off and the legs are set free. 



A plain grey tee tied up at the waist gives a laid back feel to this candy stripe skirt, teamed with a couple of luxe accessories. Hello BBQ and cocktails. (Tshirt: Primark, Bag: Dorothy Perkins).


A long vintage skirt with deep patch pockets is perfect for hopping on your bike and cycling to the nearest park for a picnic with a baguette, cheese and wine in your basket. (Bag: gift, tshirt: Tea and Cake @ Topshop)


I love the soft fabric and tortoiseshell buttons on this skirt and think it looks great teamed with Breton striped jumper for a bit of a French vibe. (Jumper: Topshop).

Here’s the candy striped skirt again but this time dressed up for the evening with lots of gold jewellery and a deep teal complimentary coloured plunging top. (Top: Topshop).  

A little collared blouse elevates a vintage skirt for the office and I love the pastel colour combination of the pink and blue. Keep it up-to-date with a tan belt and statement necklace. (Necklace: Topshop, Blouse: Primark).


Lastly I’ve teamed the full pink skirt with a relaxed off the shoulder black tee for a little nod to the sexy details a lá Brigitte Bardot.




92° Coffee

7 Apr

There’s a new coffee house on the block in Liverpool, except it doesn’t feel new at all. 92° felt like home as I sank into a big burgundy coloured armchair and tucked into a piece of delicious cake surrounded by bookshelves. 

The decor is all fresh white walls and natural wood with a brilliant mural of a world map by local company Draw & Code behind the counter. 

There are vintage vases stuffed with beautiful flowers next to industrial light fittings and huge windows, it feels like a country cottage that packed its bags and moved to New York City.

92° Coffee roast on site and have many varieties available for the most discerning of coffee aficionados. I opted for an afternoon pot of mint tea but the smell of fresh coffee was so inviting that I’ll be heading back soon for a cup of Joe. This place could be a new favourite.






OOTD Mixing it Up

7 Apr

I just love mixing textures up and think this striped navy/white Topshop dress adds a lovely naughtical touch to my layered spring outfit. 

This H&M chunky cardigan with its big black buttons is one of the most worn items from my wardrobe. Layering knitwear with new spring pieces is essential in the UK where spring often feels like an extension of winter. The lightweight rain mac was a steal from Primark and I’m living in these Topshop gum soled lace-ups at the moment.


I’m still in love with the haircut my lovely hairdresser Chloe at Voodou Liverpool gave me and loving the fact that I’ve finally got my natural root back, bring on summer and lemon juice highlights!