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Dining with Miss Kitty

16 Apr

I had a girls date with my best friend on Tuesday night and we headed to this new place in Liverpool for a wonderful bit of Chinese weeknight indulgence. 


The vibe at Miss Kitty’s has been described by its owner Rob Gutmann as being like a Shanghai tea house/opium den 100 years ago and as we walked up the candle lit stairs and entered the restaurant space I felt transported. 


The low beamed ceiling and entirely exposed wooden decor makes you feel like you could be in a secret loft, the candles give the place a cosy glow and the smell of delicious food and incense permeates the air like a heavy, intoxicating fog. 


What better way to peruse the mouth watering menu than with a dainty cup of hot Chinese tea served by an incredibly warm, friendly, attentive waiter? It also made a perfect pre-cursor to a deliciously potent cocktail. 


No details have been overlooked at Miss Kitty’s, this really does feel like a special little place with its fish-print side dishes, bamboo placemats, steam baskets piled up ready to go, fish jugs with beautiful sprays of cherry blossoms on the tables… But don’t think it’s all traditional styling, there are no printed carpets here, just bright pink neons, exciting cocktails and the watchful eye of Miss Kitty herself, glaring from the exposed brick wall. 


…and the food! Oh the food! My friend and I ordered a steamed Dim Sum selection that came with the most delicious dipping sauce, salt and peppa ribs that tasted great with a splash of hot sauce and chicken Katsu with curry sauce and pickled ginger that I could have eaten plates and plates of. 

With eyes bigger than our bellies we also tucked greedily into tamarind ‘sweet and sour’ sesame crusted pork fillets with orange marmalade, jasmine rice and amazingly tasty coconut curry fries (highly recommended). 



I washed it all down with a tall Shanghai Cooler cocktail and walked out of Miss Kitty’s with a desire to return at the earliest opportunity. 







92° Coffee

7 Apr

There’s a new coffee house on the block in Liverpool, except it doesn’t feel new at all. 92° felt like home as I sank into a big burgundy coloured armchair and tucked into a piece of delicious cake surrounded by bookshelves. 

The decor is all fresh white walls and natural wood with a brilliant mural of a world map by local company Draw & Code behind the counter. 

There are vintage vases stuffed with beautiful flowers next to industrial light fittings and huge windows, it feels like a country cottage that packed its bags and moved to New York City.

92° Coffee roast on site and have many varieties available for the most discerning of coffee aficionados. I opted for an afternoon pot of mint tea but the smell of fresh coffee was so inviting that I’ll be heading back soon for a cup of Joe. This place could be a new favourite.






Sex and the City (Liverpool to be precise!)

25 Nov

The amazing 58 year old(!!!) Kim Cattrall was back in her birth town (and mine) of Liverpool to receive her International Arts Icon award at the Collective Honours.

Just look at her gorgeous body and beautiful face, hopefully that’s due to something in the water here!
Miss Cattrall described the rumours of a third SATC film as ‘wishful thinking’, trust us Kim we are wishing hard.

OOTD, Saturday Shopping

18 Nov

I went shopping this Saturday which is becoming a regular occurrence now that the autumn/winter season is fully underway. It’s my favourite fashionable time of year and I love living somewhere that has changing seasons and a fall in temperatures, perfect for knitwear!





I wore this chunky sailor striped jumper from Topshop, dark grey Joni jeans (also Topshop) and heeled ankle boots with metal and embroidery detailing from H&M.

Date Night with my Bestie

6 Nov

Last night I had a little hump day date with my best friend, we have our favourite places but decided to try somewhere new-ish and ended up in Slim’s Pork Chop Express with a craving for cocktails and smoked meats.

It comes from the creators of the bar next door, a personal hotspot of mine and many others with it’s fun bar staff and sexy cocktails. They’ve managed to capture some of that vibe and take it to the restaurant along with a laid back slant and pared back decor of exposed wood & bricks. We loved it.

The lovely waitress did a good job of selling the smoked (in-house) meats to us and we settled down with an unexpectedly massive amount of food! Highlights were the house smoked pork link sausage and the coach Bombay fries that would make a substantially satisfying dish on their own.

The cocktails were excellent, but then they would be with the reputation and talent of the Slims team.
The Duck and Plum Old Fashioned was ace.


We couldn’t breath after all the meat and other deliciousness but after a perfectly timed wait we found a little more room for chocolate brownie and pistachio ice cream and we weren’t disappointed.

The folks here are so welcoming and I’ll be going back, without doubt. Highly recommended.



Dictionary Definition from Michi Girl

20 Oct

There was a small (not small) break in communication there, not to make excuses but life has been a little hectic recently so the blog took a hit I’m afraid. Hopefully I’m back to business as usual now, I missed writing and sharing with you so much.

Since the last post I’ve moved home, started a degree, developed an Instagram obsession/illness and done quite a bit of shopping with my larger disposable income (no more mortgage to pay now I’m living with my parents).

The time has come to collect my thoughts and try to get some savings in the bank for future adventures, but what do I do to avoid buying things I don’t really need? I blouse.


I’m not sure how long my blousing will last, the reopening of Zara Liverpool has already seen me getting my bank card out of my purse once and my winter coat obsession is calling for a vintage shearling number… Hmm just blousing for now.


Inspired by a guy of nearly 70yrs

23 Sep

Rankin is pretty amazing. He has shot some of the most iconic fashion images with some of the most famous, beautiful people in the world.

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But he’s never moved me like this before.

His exhibition ALIVE: In the Face of Death, recently displayed at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool was inspiring, showing not only the strength of the human character but also Rankins delicate, honest talent for capturing the soul of his models.

The exhibition was essentially about death. Its a tricky subject to say the least, one we don’t like to dwell on all that much but some of the everyday people Rankin photographed know they are running out of time, they’re still fighting. Most importantly they’re still LIVING.

This is Jim Edwards and he has emphysema, a chronic lung disease. We all have our problems and to each of us they are of utmost importance, like Jim we should all strive to find happiness in the things that make us smile. Everyday.


‘I don’t see why, if virtually everything else is gone, the desire to look reasonable should go as well.

Something has to make you feel good, and clothes make me feel good, and why shouldn’t a guy of nearly 70 years wear pink shoes if he wants to wear pink shoes?

It’s just something that keeps me happy.’

Jim is my new icon.

Love H x